EMERGENCY Gas Pipe Replacement Works by GPC74, Southampton

Posted Wednesday March 9th, 2016, 9:00 am

Whilst on site installing a new foul pump station, GPC74 exposed and identified a corroded and leaking gas pipe.  The main was shut off and Scotia Gas Network (SGN) called to site to investigate.  On arrival SGN condemned the pipework and we were tasked by our Client to re-instate the supply urgently to avoid closing their busy restaurant.  GPC74 put in place a temporary supply within 24 hours and replaced a 100 metre section of 63mm gas pipe using a directional drill within 3 working days.  Using this trenchless system kept the costs and disruption to the client, staff and customers to a minimum as negligible excavation is required and this even allowed the onsite car wash to continue to trade as we drilled under them.