**Excellent** Site Safety Inspection Report For Gravity Sewer Works, Lincolnshire

Posted Monday January 9th, 2017, 5:00 pm

In October 2016 we completed the installation of a 550 metre gravity main to connect Wold’s View Garden Centre, Lincolnshire, to the Anglian Water sewer network. The majority of the install was along the highway and a license to open the road and install the new pipework was agreed with Lincolnshire County Council. Their visiting inspector scored us 5 on their ‘Highways and Traffic Site Safety Inspection Report’ which indicates ‘Excellent site with proactive safety culture evident, complying with all requirements’. External recognition and assessment is extremely important to us and reaffirms our company’s commitment to outstanding standards of safety on site.

This site had a failed private system which required an urgent permanent solution to avoid costly daily tankering fees. A below ground external grease separator was also installed during the project to limit the amount of fat, oil and grease entering the mains system and protect the downstream assets and environment.