Our Values


Mission Statement

“To continue to provide our clients with the highest levels of service whilst maintaining our commitment to the traditional family values of honesty, trust, reliability and integrity.”



Promoting team work, perseverance and commitment to high quality, we endeavour to meet and exceed the client’s expectations allowing us to promote sustained growth within our industry and become a nationally recognised principal contractor.


By being open, up-front and honest, we can manage expectation, deliver on promises made and ensure that projects are successfully delivered on time, in budget and to the high standard required. With over 40 year’s experience and a successful trading history, GPC74 is proud of its company reputation. We passionately believe that integrity is a core value that has to be promoted throughout day-to-day operations ensuring the client has full faith in all that we say and do.


In all that we do we remain enthusiastic and committed to the end result, passion is key to our success and growth and you will find that all of our staff stay true to this belief.

Quality & Consistency

In order to maintain repeat customer business, what we do the first time is what we do every time, with an on-going assurance to quality control. We make every effort to meet high standards of excellence throughout the organisation at all times. All materials are sourced through approved suppliers with rigorous checks to maintain quality control.


GPC74 has long been committed to minimising the environmental impact of our activities. This has evolved into an important feature of company policy, deriving both from our ethical values – a genuine belief that companies have a duty to be socially responsible in their operations – but also from a recognition that poor waste management and unnecessary consumption affects our operational efficiency and profitability as a business. We continually seek to reduce waste in all areas of our business operations carrying out waste management plans for all sites large and small.

Health & Safety Vision Statement