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GPC74 provide drainage and wastewater solutions, guidance and recommendations to assist with legal disputes, pre-acquisition and disposal site diligence, enforcement notifications, general site knowledge, project planning and flood mitigation.

From our initial fact finding conversation, the advice and service that we offer will be clearly outlined and may include a variety of actions, some of which are detailed below. Throughout the process, full support and communication is provided to satisfy and mitigate any prevailing issues if applicable.


Our expert survey units and consultants visit your site and report back to our team, so that a key findings overview can be produced from the comprehensive reports and plans. This summary details solutions and provisional cost assessments so informed business decisions can be made when considering potential issues, development and maintenance costs for the site.


Complicated legislation or third party communications, i.e. general binding rules, trade effluent, wastewater requirements, permits is converted into an easy to understand summation so you can be conversant with your responsibilities and engage the relevant actions and investments.

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