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For over a decade we have been working for the garden centre sector delivering a range of projects from flagship stores to smaller scale maintenance works.

We are very proud to have been Principal Contractor for the largest garden centre group in the UK delivering two new retail stores, Cardiff and Percy Thrower’s Garden Centres.

Offering multi-disciplined services throughout the UK has proved especially invaluable to our garden centre clients, whose own operational reach extends across the country. By utilising GPC74 in preference to numerous mono-disciplined regional contractors they benefit from a responsive, seamless and cost-conscious service.

• Development or upgrade of restaurants, play areas, toilets, planteria, goods in yards and car parks

• Re-branding and “sparkle” projects

• Estate-wide drainage, sewage, mechanical and electrical and building maintenance

• Waste and storm water, heating and electrical infrastructure

• Internal and external fit-out and development of concession outlets

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