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GPC74 Head Office

In 2016 GPC74 made the decision to convert an old pig farm into their base whilst also offering units for local businesses.

The team set to redevelop the site demolishing the old farm buildings and replacing with new steel framed buildings, refurbishment of the existing and a complete new site infrastructure, all remaining aesthetically sensitive to the rural environment in which it sits. 

Part of the Planning Conditions meant that we were required to improve the local road network to include a new HGV turning area at a nearby highway junction, and new passing bays on the local lane.

The GPC74 team not only designed the site and layout but carried the whole project to its completed state. This project proved the success of each specialty the company has to offer. 


The project revitalised the social and economic fabric of the community. An unsightly, derelict and dangerous site has been redeveloped, therefore revitalising the local area. Business Rates are payable to the local authority for the office and unit space and an increased opportunity and employment potential for local people in a rural community. Units have been created and a meeting room space is available for rental which allows other small, local businesses to flourish.

The project has come to fruition due to a huge amount of hard work and determination. Louis and Emma made it their dream to establish a business centre that the staff could be proud to work from and allow the business to flourish.  A redundant pig farm with almost no future prospects has now been transformed into a rural business centre that will not only allow our business to grow, but also other similar enterprises that would have struggled to find a local base.

The development works were carried out in-between our already busy work schedule, using our employees and contractors that work with us throughout the year on a diverse range of projects across the UK. Due to this, there is a great sense of ownership for the staff, and a great deal of satisfaction in what has been achieved.


The project has completely transformed the site, yet it retains an agricultural feel externally that reminds us of its history.

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