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Service Station Fit-out and Refurbishment

GPC74 were able to bring the improvements that the client envisioned to life at their services. This refurbishment project, split over 2 sites, took advantage of GPC74's multi-skilled teams, from groundworks to fit-out and refurbishment. 



The multi-site refurbishment project featured the latest version of modernised facilities, including both new and refurbishment of the existing.


Streamlining the new look, the concessions also had the pleasure of a fit out, with new stud walls and redecoration.  General repairs allowed for flooring, ceilings and doorways to be rejuvenated to the expected standards.


​Externally, a new compound area with dropped kerbs and alterations allowed for level access into the services ensuring they are accessible for all. 

pink mirror.jpg
WB Male WC.jpg



This site was also needed to showcase the new vision, whilst working with the restrictions of a complex development, and simultaneously with the Westbound site.

Doors and ironmongery were a focus on this phase, with the replacement of custom-made security doors. The coordination with our contractors and stringent logistical plans allowed for our team to put our best foot forward to complete excavations with minimal disruption, enabling replacement of external drainage, whilst leaks and damages were repaired internally. 

The on-time delivery of the job to such a high standard is indicative of the adaptability and innovation of our project team.

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